Article Processing Charges

The mission of the Darpan International Research Analysis (DIRA) is to serve as a forum for top-notch research in the domains of blockchain, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and metaverse technologies. DIRA charges an Article Processing Charge to help cover the expenses of open access publishing, managing manuscripts, and upholding the highest standards of publication (APC).

APC Structure:

For Authors from India: INR 5000
For Authors from Other South Asian Countries: $100
For Articles with Female Authorship: $100 (regardless of the country of origin)
For Authors from Rest of the World: $150

DIRA is aware that some writers could have limited resources. We provide a fee-waiver scheme as part of our commitment to making sure that monetary constraints don't prevent the publishing of important research.

Authors may be eligible to get a fee waiver, which might result in a 50% reduction in the APC. The author (sneed)'s for financial assistance and the quality of the work they have submitted will determine whether or not a waiver is granted.

Authors should adhere to the guidelines stated at Fee Waiver Program in order to apply for the fee-waiver programme. Kindly be advised that waiver requests need to be submitted either before or at the time the manuscript is submitted.

APC Payment and Timing:

The APC is due after a manuscript has been peer-reviewed and accepted for publication.

Invoices will be sent to the corresponding author or the institution funding the research, as specified by the authors.

Payment instructions will be included in the invoice, detailing acceptable payment methods.

Payment through Wire transfer:

A/C Name (payable to):             Shodh Sagar

Account no:                                 2221255844079949

Name of the Bank:                     AU Small Finance Bank

Branch:                                        Shalimar Bagh Delhi

IFSC No:                                        AUBL0002558

Payment through UPI/Online Payments:

For online payment you can also use Google Pay, Phone Pe, Paytm & BHIM UPI on the number (+91-9812052026)

UPI - shodhsagar@aubank

or Scan the QR Code


Once an article has been published, the APC is non-refundable.

In cases where an article is withdrawn by the author before acceptance, the APC may be refunded or waived.

Transparency and Use of Funds:

The management of the peer-review process, journal production, online hosting, indexing, and making sure that articles are publicly available as soon as they are published are all directly funded by APCs.

DIRA is a non-profit organisation, and all fees are used to maintain and expand the journal's breadth and quality.

We feel that this APC structure satisfies our commitment to worldwide research dissemination and open access, while also offering choices to individuals in need of financial help.