Peer Review Policy

Publication in the Darpan International Research Analysis (DIRA) is devoted to the upholding of rigorous scholarly and ethical norms. This is why we use a double-blind peer review system, which protects the identities of the reviewers and the writers. The honesty, reliability, and high quality of the published research are guaranteed by our policy of peer review.

1. Double-Blind Review:
Reviewers and writers remain anonymous throughout our double-blind review procedure. The objective is to make sure that papers are reviewed fairly according to their academic value and content quality, without any prejudice.

2. Reviewer Selection: Expertise in the field of study is a deciding factor when selecting reviewers. In order to assist writers, improve their work, we try to choose reviewers who can provide honest and helpful criticism.

3. Review Process: The editorial staff conducts a preliminary review of all submitted manuscripts to ensure they meet the journal's criteria for scope, format, and quality. If a manuscript satisfies these requirements, it will be forwarded to two separate reviewers for further consideration.

4. Criteria for Evaluation: Manuscripts are evaluated by reviewers for their originality, methodological rigour, clarity of presentation, field relevance, and potential to advance knowledge and practise in blockchain, metaverse, and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) technologies.

5. Feedback to Authors: The reviewers provide the authors with anonymous criticism. Included in this criticism are suggestions for improvement, directions for further study, and changes that are required for approval. When writers and editors need to talk, the editing staff is there to act as a go-between.

6. Decision Making: Based on reviewers' comments—which are considered for their relevance, creativity, and clarity—the editing staff decides which articles to publish. Accepted, with minor adjustments, with large revisions, or rejected are the probable outcomes.

7. Confidentiality: Confidential information is safeguarded for all papers throughout the review process. Reviewers must keep any information gathered throughout the review process strictly secret and must not use it for personal gain or the benefit of another party.

8. No Review Charges: The procedure of peer review does not incur any fees. Reviewers and writers are not charged by the DIRA for their services in evaluating manuscripts.

9. Ethical Standards: All writers and reviewers are required to disclose any possible conflicts of interest and act ethically at all times.

10. Appeals and Complaints: Editorial decisions may be appealed or grievances about the review process can be submitted by authors. The editorial board ensures openness and impartiality by handling such matters.