Submission Guidelines

1. Manuscript Preparation:
Download and use the provided Journal Article Template for formatting.
Include sections like Abstract, Introduction, Methodology, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, and References.
Ensure the manuscript is in English, proofread, and free of grammatical errors.

2. Compliance with Journal Policies:
Familiarize yourself with and adhere to the journal's Open Access Policy, Privacy Statement, and Licensing Terms (CC BY-NC).
Check the Article Processing Charge (APC) applicable to your region and consider applying for the Fee Waiver Program if eligible.

3. Plagiarism Policy Compliance:
Ensure your manuscript adheres to our plagiarism policy, keeping the similarity index below 15%. We recommend checking your manuscript for plagiarism before submission.

4. Submission Process:
Prepare your manuscript according to the guidelines.
Submit the manuscript through the journal's online submission system.
Include all authors' details (names, affiliations, email addresses, Orcid-ID) as part of the submission process.

5. Peer Review:
Understand that submitted manuscripts undergo a double-blind peer review process.
Be prepared to make revisions based on reviewer feedback.

6. post-Acceptance:
If accepted, follow the steps provided by the journal for final submission, including payment of applicable APC.
Be responsive to any additional requests from the editorial team regarding formatting or additional information.

7. Publication:
Once published, your article will be freely accessible under the Open Access model.

8. Author Responsibilities:
Ensure that all data and materials comply with ethical standards.
Disclose any potential conflicts of interest.
Adhere to the ethical guidelines of research and publication.