Fee-Waiver Program

The goal of the Darpan International Research Analysis (DIRA) is to promote fair and inclusive publication opportunities. We have implemented a Fee Waiver Program because we believe that the distribution of important research shouldn't be impeded by financial limitations. The purpose of this initiative is to assist writers who may not be able to pay the whole Article Processing Charge (APC).

Eligibility for the Fee Waiver Program:

1. Financial Need: Authors who are unable to pay the whole advance processing charge (APC) are the target audience for the Fee Waiver Program. This includes early career researchers, independent intellectuals, and writers from low-income nations, among others.
2. Merit of Research: The scientific value of the submitted paper is another factor that determines whether a waiver is granted. Original, significant, and high-quality research is given priority.
Extent of Waiver:
Under this program, eligible authors may receive up to 50% waiver on the standard APC. The waiver applies to the APC rates as mentioned in the Article Processing Charges mentioned on website.

Application Process:
1. Submission of Waiver Request: If an author wants to be eligible for the waiver, they have to apply at the time their paper is submitted. After the work has been submitted, requests won't be taken into consideration.
2. Waiver Request Form: Writers must fill out the Fee Waiver Request Form found at this website. The form asks for information on the paper, the authors, and a succinct explanation of the waiver request. The manuscript must be submitted with the form.
Link: Fee Waiver Request Form
3. Assessment: Financial necessity and research value are the two factors used to evaluate requests for waivers. The waiver application treats all information submitted with the highest confidentially.


Usually two weeks after submission, authors will get notification of the outcome of their waiver application.
The approval of a waiver has no bearing on the editorial board's decision to accept the submission.

Responsibilities of Waiver Recipients:

When exemptions are granted, authors are required to follow DIRA's other publishing regulations.
It is recommended that waiver recipients’ credit DIRA for their assistance in their published works.


The amount of money allotted for the Fee Waiver Program in a particular fiscal year determines whether waivers are available. The DIRA retains the power to set a cap on the total amount of exemptions granted.

Contact and Inquiries:

For further details or questions about the Fee Waiver Program, please get in touch with us using the information provided on the website.